Offshoots 14: my first short story in print

Wow, that was a hectic bunch of weeks leading up to Christmas. I totally slacked on this blog. But today, with the kids at their grandparents and hubs playing with new gaming stuff, it’s just me in the office plus a couple of bunnies we’re bunnysitting. (they are so precious)

Gray and white bunny and a gray bunny

Time to finish a post I started weeks ago! I finally have my copy! Offshoots 14: Fragile States.

The Geneva Writers Group released its 14th edition of Offshoots, a selection of poems and short stories written by GWG members and published in September. But with scheduling conflicts and travel, I hadn’t received my copy and evidence that my first piece of published fiction actually appears in PRINT!

I was honored the editors selected my submission for inclusion in the anthology. And I’m enjoying reading through the many contributors’ works. I was even asked to read my piece at a GWG workshop in November. I’m still learning how to give readings and I surprisingly love it. I hope to write a little more about that later.

Anyway, my piece, Edward’s Ending, came from a workshop assignment through the free University of Iowa’s¬†International Writing Program MOOC. (If you’re a writer and haven’t checked out this free resource, take a minute to look here.) My story touches on connections between people, whether they are intimate or distant, and the sometimes dark pain that may come when we perceive those connections have changed.

Offshoots 14: Fragile States

Offshoots 14: Fragile States

If you’re interested in a copy of Offshoots 14, they are 15 CHF and you can pick up copies in a few places:

In Switzerland:


Payot Rive Gauche

I am also happy to take orders and drop them in the mail to you. Shipping depends on location.

Thanks to everyone who has read my work, my critique group, the other writers in the Iowa workshop and the editors and members of the Geneva Writers Group.

PS The GWG conference is coming up in a few months and you’ll definitely want to check that out if you’re in Switzerland or surrounding regions. I can’t wait!


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